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Top Grandson of 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard

Prins Lootah Karuk vanBuren


100% West German Show line


FOR SALE: $3,500.00

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Prins Lootah Karuk vanBuren

Height: 25″

Weight: 70 lbs.




Karuk is Grand sired by: 2X VA1 Vegas Du Haut Mansard. Karuk is a beautiful black/red 100% West German Show Line. Medium drive, sound mind, and very confident. Karuk has a very deep chest, medium-large build with correct dark almond eyes and excellent conformation. He is an excellent member to the family. Very loving… always ready to play,but while also being protective. He has been raised with small children and small toy breed dogs. He has an excellent bite on the sleeve and  leg with a great on/off switch. Karuk is a superb “watchdog”. He has also been used in a small film and recording as a cadaver and SAR dog. He has been in a war zone setting with explosives and loud noises and showed solid nerves.

grand-sired by:

2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard

The fact that there are no common ancestors in the  five generations of Vegas’s Sire and Dam, is a very interesting feature in his pedigree. Mostly because he has proven himself to be exceptionally predominant in passing his superior genetics to an unusually large number of excellent sons and daughters.


Harmony von Wyzal (AKA: HARM)

FOR SALE: $2,800.00  (SOLD) to: Juan Wislar in Midland, TX!

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Harmony von Wyzal

Harmony von Wyzal

Harmony von Wyzal


She comes from 100% West German Show Lines. She is house broken. Obedience trained. Stays engaged off leash. Has been well socialized with horses.  High Drive, vocal,  and is a very active pup who loves to play engagement games. Beautiful markings and perfect build.

Sired By: 2x SG1, BH, IPO1 Bruce von Visguren SIRE: VA2 Grando von del Dido CAB3 kkl1 a1 stamped( VA1 Ursus von Batu SchH3 kkl1 a1 stamped grandson)

DAM: Cobra von Kisman CAB2 kkl1 a1 stamped( VA8 Zambia von Arminus SchH3 kkl1 daughter )

STATUS: Imported HIPS/ELBOWS: SV a1 stamped

WEIGHT: 91 lbs
SG1 Bruce von Visguren

This is Harmony’s sire Bruce. Owned by Wyzal German Shepherds.