East German vs. West German Shepherd Bloodlines

The German shepherd was originally bred to be a working dog with handsome features. Bred to herd livestock the German shepherd had the drive and temperament to perform any task that the owner needed it to perform. Today the German shepherd breed is used in variety of jobs, protection, detection, herding, search and rescue, service dogs, guide dogs, and therapy dogs.

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During World War II the breed really became divided into two separate categories.West Germany continued to breed the German shepherd, but focused more on breeds apperance more than work ethic. The West German shepherds are the most popular, and have a more sloped body than the East German shepherd, but not as much slope as the American German shepherds. The most common colors are black and red, but they also come in colors of black and tan, sable, bi-colors and black. This is where today’s show dogs came from.


East Germany DDR (Deutshe Demokratishe Republik), used the dogs more for working during the time of the war, and they were bred to be more aggressive. They focused on the breeds temperament and drive. They tend to have dark pigmentation, a large blocky head, big bone structure and a lean build. The most common colors for the working lines are sables, but they also come in black and red, black and tan, and bi-colors, as well as solid black. Their backs do not slope like the American show lines of German shepherd, but have a straight appearance. This is where today’s working German shepherd came from.


The average person would not be able to tell the difference, except for the variations of colors and markings, but a true German shepherd breed connoisseur can tell a major difference.


A German shepherd that comes from show lines will be very beautiful in physical appearance. They will also show the protective qualities one desires in the breed coupled with the same great intelligence. What they lack however is the hard drive that the working line has.



What I mean by hard drive is this. I can take a show dog and assign him a job to do and more and likely he will follow the commands given to him. If for some reason something comes up that might not normally be what the dog expects, he might just call it quits and not complete the job. On the other hand, a working dog will push through it, and give 100% until the task he was assigned to do is completed. Why? A working dog has a higher drive. When they are assigned a task and they have been trained how to do it, then they put every effort into completing it.


A working dog is not your normal companion dog. They have to be worked or both you and the dog will go crazy. They are high drive, high energy, and always wanting to please. If I was walking through the forest and came across a bear I would feel safer knowing I had a dog that would stand its ground, but also listen while given a command to back off. This could save both the dog’s life and yours. You can build a dog’s drive overtime, but if the temperament was not bred into the bloodline, you might not have to out run the bear; but you will have to out run the dog back to the car.


This isn’t to say that a German shepherd that comes from show lines is not capable of performing the same task, but if it’s not in the genes. Then you might have to find out the hard way.


Many people say, “But a lot of show dogs carry Schutzhund titles,” and this is true. A well-trained German shepherd will always want to please its handler, and as long as the handler sets the dog up to succeed he will. By this I mean a show dog that doesn’t have a sound temperament will require a little help in achieving this title. This could be just as simple as making sure the dog is allowed to use the same helper (decoy) in competition that they use in training exercises. If it’s not the norm that they expect, they might not perform the task to their best ability. Not to say that any do! A working dog has to be able to switch drives. From a prey drive which is what they use in competition to a defensive drive; that they use in protection work. If I have a dog that is waiting for me to give them the PROTECT command while I’m getting the crap kicked out of me, that doesn’t help me much. They have to be able to make the switch themselves. They have to know the difference when your child is in real danger of being hurt; and when you are rough housing with your kids. If they can’t then, someone is going to get hurt.


Show lines and working lines are many times bred together so the pups can have supposedly the best of both lines. If the breeder is not an expert at seeing the qualities and the faults in the lines he breeds together, the pups can come out with more negative traits from each line; then the positive. By that I mean, you could have a dog with poor markings, health problems, and a very poor temperament. This is known as a backyard breeder.


A backyard breeder takes their male and female without knowing anything about the history or pedigree of the two, and because there are one or more titles in the pedigree, they call them champion bloodline dogs. If I’m going to call a pup a champion dog, then it’s because they proved to me that they are a champion dog; and not the great, great, great grand son of a dog that titled in Schutzhund 20 years ago, with nothing to show for it after that.


If you are buying a German shepherd for a specific task, then make sure that it comes from a bloodline that has shown for generation after generation that it is capable of performing the task. If you want a great companion dog that is intelligent, loyal, protective, beautiful; and capable of competing in shows, then look for a dog that comes from great show lines. If you want a dog that is going to be high drive; and that’s going to be working everyday, then look for one that comes from a working line, but don’t expect either one to automatically know how to perform what you are looking for. This comes from a great breeder who knows how to socialize the pups correctly, and you the owner making sure that both you, and the dog are well-educated in how to accomplish the task.


I didn’t come out of mother’s womb knowing how to start a vehicle, but with proper guidance I learned how to operate one, with an average amount of skill. I guess that depends on who you ask, but you get the picture!


Today, there are even more different standards of the breed, for example: The great American Bloodline German Shepherd. It runs around the show ring looking so beautiful, in every way. Placed beside a working shepherd makes the working dog look more like a mutt, then a German shepherd. But place them out in the field, and assign them a task and the American bloodline shepherd won’t even make the cut. If I’m a soldier, and I’m depending on my K-9 partner to back me up during an intense gun battle, I don’t care how pretty he looks when I’m dying from my battle wounds; and neither will the opposition. I do care however if he is fully capable of doing the job; and sadly the American blood lines are not bred to. They are bred away from the German Standards of a straight back that is used more for a working dog, and they have been bred to look pretty with sharper angulations or sloped backs. If you look closely at the hindquarters of an American bloodline show dog you can see that they are longer and leaner, and how badly this breeding habit has changed the working quality of the dog. So much, that many people consider it a complete different breed. They have a softer temperament then their German line counter parts. The most common colors are black and tan, black and red, sables, bi-colors, and blacks. Neither a working bloodline German shepherd from East Germany or a Show Line German Shepherd from West Germany could win a show according to the American standards, but they can devote every bit of energy they posses to doing the job assigned to them no matter what it is.


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I would like a small gentle, laid back female that will be around my five young grandchildren and a young Portugese Water Dog, female. Where should I look? The German dogs.

Depends where you are located? I do have one female available that fits that description. She is 18 weeks old!

I have a dear friend who is loosing her west german show dogs, that are actually house pets, not used for show…..one died at 5; the breeder got her another and is dying at age 6; (both from same bloodlines) and then a totally new one who is only 7 months now has congenital problems and is from totally different genetic pool? What is up with that? All help greatly appreciated, they are devastated.

Although the blood lines may come from West Germany, in most cases the pups we acquire have been bred within the USA for generations. The USA doesn’t have any regulations controlling the quality of breeding that takes place within the country.

Breeders who have an actual breeding program will line breed or breed dogs closely related together in order to create or maintain a certain quality i.e. angulation, color, size, structure, temperament, nerves, drive etc. But they fail to maintain a high control of any genetic defects that the lines may produce during this breeding process.

Failure to do genetic testing and then removing those dogs from the breeding programs, has made genetic disorders such as cancer, hip/elbow dysplasia, DM, heart, eye, liver and various other diseases prevalent in this country.

However, the blame does not always fall on the breeder when a dog falls ill or dies at a young age! Just like humans who are prone to cancer or heart disease. We can also help our dogs by feeding them healthier foods, getting more exercise, and creating a better healthier environment for them to live in.

Sometimes a genetic disorder may rear its ugly head once in a generation and the breeder may have never known about it and would not be expected to have knowledge of it. These things take place, but if the breeder has prior knowledge that both of the parents carry recessive genes and at any point and time the puppies could be born with a disease because it now carries a dominant gene. Then that breeder is responsible for the removing of that gene pool from their breeding program.

Research pedigrees thoroughly and demand health certifications before ever buying a German shepherd puppy from anyone. Even some of the top champions of the show ring are known for carrying genetic defects.

Actually, East Germany and the Czech Republic were never the same country. East Germany reunited with West Germany in 1990; Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. They are separate countries, although the Czech Republic shares a border with eastern Germany.

I am wondering if anyone is still breeding GSD’s without Czech in them preferably East German lines like Vom Haus Iris.

Hi there, thank you for the article. Can you help me determine what I should be looking for? We are interested in an all black German shepherd that is not from a working line. Would I be searching for a west German bloodline breeder of show lines or an American bloodline? I am not interested in showing dogs, just a great family companion. Also, sorry for my ignorance, are the all black shepherds born from all black parents? I am just a little overwhelmed on how to start my search. Thanks!!

No, not all black GSD’s come from black GSD’S. However a black GSD is normally a working line. I actually just had a litter with 2 solid black males and 1 solid black female. You can contact me if you are interested?

Tempting, I must say, however we are in Michigan and I am a little hesitant to get a working line GSD. I realize all GSD’s are energetic and need exercise daily, however, I imagine there is a difference in drive between show and working? Thanks so much for all your help.

It sounds like you do need a show line. Currently I do not have any of those available. I would visit http://www.wyzal.com. He is a friend of mine who might have just what you are looking for. Personally I enjoy working lines better and with proper mental stimulation they can make the perfect household pet. Also we deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states!

I am trying to get my ducks in a row to purchase an Eastern line/DDR female that is DM clear. I would be very happy with a black or dark sable but I am more interested in the temperament and drive of the parents. Looking for protection training. Email me if you will have a pup around May.

Darchel Mohler
January 25, 2015 4:28 pm

Do you know or have you any information about the winter oak kennel & breeder, James Winters in Mexia Texas?
Thank you…

No, I’m sorry I have not heard of him or his kennel.

Recently my 12 and 1/2 year old shepherd King passed away. He is DM clear and was incredible. He is a Black Sable West working Shepherd. He was a wonderful companion that guarded my business well and also was great with my niece and nephew. He was Alpha but got along with other dogs that weren’t aggressive with him. His father was Champ Vom Smaragdwald with lines to IIja vom Heiligenbosch Sch3 FH2 IP3 (BSP) lines to Dasty von Gries, Gildo v. Korbelbach and Umsa v. Bungalow. I froze my pal Kings sperm and have enough for 5 litters. His sperm count is 1.2 billion. Point being I miss my best friend so much it is unreal. Horrible. Absolute awesome dog. I would love to find a West Working Shepherd, preferably Sable. I just want a puppy with King in him. I am hoping someone can give me some direction. I would love to send you some pictures of King. Big boned Strong Broad head with an attentive expression. I have spoke with a couple of DDR breeders and they think I had a heck of a dog. Can you help me? Bill Kidder

Sorry, for the late response. Where are you located? Was his hips/elbows x-ray done and what about any other health certifications? There are a few places in Texas who have females that would compliment King but they will require all of those health certifications to have been performed. He sounds like he was a wonderful companion. I hope you can find what you are looking for.

This is a very educative article. I’ve been online searching for months now for info on the GSD. I’ve seen series of pictures,and I’ve wondered why they have some with a slope back and some with straight angulation also series of colours. This breed being my best breed,I’m looking to learning a lot from someone like you. I want to get my own GSD anytime soon,and I’ll prefer a working line. I live in Nigeria,Africa. How can you help me?

Hey Bill, You can find outstanding west german/czech working lines out of Sapphire Shepherds in MT. I highly recommend you check them out if that’s what your after.

Tiffany stone
May 24, 2015 1:25 pm

I have recently bought a German shepherd puppy. From reading into this I have found him to be a work dog breed. I have been trying to find out more when it comes to his coloring. Can you help me with this?

Email any pics to me at info@vanburenshepherds.com and I will try to assist any way I can.

Hi. Have you heard of the http://www.srgsd.com Germans ? Please let me know. They are supposed to be VA west German. Thanks.

They are a breeder Close to Atlanta Georgia that sells West German Show lines.

My grandmother had a wonderful black w/minor amount of tan, pure bred German Shepherd and I was hunting for one like him. We are in the USA, my problem is I cannot find any like him and breeders look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them I want a Long hair Black and Tan shepherd, who will remind you of a Bear when you see him.. He was gentle with us kids and my grandmothers ducks, but he was a fierce protector. no one was allowed near us kids or to leave without my grandparents approval, when you came to their house he greeted you and stayed at your side until released by my grandparents. If you tried to leave without permission or did anything aggressive towards us kids or family members he barked,blocked your path and showed his teeth, which was generally enough for any sane person.. He was my best friend and a great protector.. Can you tell me what kind of German shepherd he was exactly so I can find one like him.. He was German bloodline from Germany. Mainly Black, long haired and built like a Bear! Hope you can tell me..

It sounds like a long haired bi-color. I sent you an email with some pic of different ones to see if they look similar.

I am about to buy a puppy that the father is a full west german lined and the mother is german and Czech lined…what would the puppy be like? I’m getting a female and she is a dark Sable colored….I have 4 kids (age 2, 5, 7, 13) and we really want one cause we live in the mile of no where with no neighbors near by and want protection and she will be with me at my store to protect me there and keep me company. I just need to make sure that I get the right kind of dog that can do what we want in this respect.

When you say West German do you mean Show line? If so it can be a toss up as how the puppies will turn out. Is this the first litter between the 2 parents? I have bred these lines together before with minimal success. Most breeders think they are combining the best of both worlds but this is not typically the case. I like to either go all working lines or all show lines personally.
If it is a West German working line then it should be fine it’s just depending on the temperament of the parents.

It is a working line

Then it all depends on the temperament and drive of the parents. Usually Czech lines are higher in drive and the west German is medium to high. As a puppy it may be a hand full and have lots of energy. Obedience training and proper socialization is going to be key for the dog. Try to find a local trainer who offers AKC STAR Puppy classes.

Hi I’m wondering how I can learn more about GSD bloodline traits. I’m fascinated with German Shephers. I’ve had 5 and am currently working on titling a tital 16 month old female. She is so different then my last working line GSD. My other one was high drive, a little sharp and very alpha. It was quite a ride with her for her 14 yrs. she taught me a lot. The one I have now is very sweet but still does the work. Her drive is not as high and I’m having to again learn how to bring out the best in her. She does the work but I can’t put too much pressure on her. Anyway it’s made me very curious about learning bloodlines. Can you point me to resources learn that. Not planning on breeding just learning. Thx

Pedigree database has a forum that is great for blood line information.

Hi Jason, I’m looking for a GSD. Never owned one before. I’ve had a chihuahua and a shitzue which is no comparison to a GSD. Not sure if a working line or a German Showline would be good for me. I have three small kids and my oldest is 8 years old. I’m looking for a GS that’s great with kids and a good guard dog that would protect his owners. Is there any advice you can give me between which one you think would be best suited for a family with small children. Thanks. :)

If you’ve never owned a GSD before you want to make sure you make the right choice. You will probably be looking for one with a medium drive, balanced nerves, clear head and does not push back too much. Picking out a quality GSD is vital for understanding what the possible outcomes will be. Making sure the puppy you get has the genetics you’re looking for is only the first step. Making sure the puppy receives proper training and socialization will also determine the outcome. Show lines would probably fit what you are looking for but a properly bred and trained working line with medium drive should also be considered. We are currently taking deposits on 2 different litters of working lines which may produce what you are looking for. If you decide to go with a show line I currently only have one adult male and no planned breeding at this time. You can contact my friend Anthony at http://www.wyzal.com

To l sobien

Check out Von henna c kennels in New Hampshire

I have a beautiful long coat female black with a bit of brown on her paws from there.

Her father is Zee

Sgt M Flanagan
August 20, 2015 4:29 pm

Thank you for your post. I am a K-9 police officer in the Cleveland area and have worked a narcotics/patrol GSD for 7 years now. I have heard many exaggerated claims of champion bloodlines over the years in regards to the pedigree of dogs but have always doubted them due to the performance of the dog even in basic tasks. A claim that the black toes of some sable dogs is a sign of a relation to a “royal bloodline” is what led me here originally.

My partner Erok is living proof that your article is spot on, East German kennel, a pedigree with many Schutzhund title 2’s and 3’s, every physical trait you listed in spades, prey and work drives that are off the charts (making my job as a handler much easier) and a social temperament that can be changed with the right word from me.

Well written article, thanks.

Thank you for your kind words!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it.
But I’m not looking at this specific time buying a GSD quite yet. I’m planning summer of 2016 of obtaining one after I have done as much research as I possibly can on this breed.
Thanks though. :)

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